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Bioanalysis Information Leaflet

Bioanalysis is the quantitative measurement of compounds in biological matrices.  

At Charnwood Discovery, non-GLP bioanalysis is conducted on a range of sample sources such as cell based assays, pharmacokinetic (PK) and pharmacodynamic (PD) studies, dose range-finding and maximum tolerated dose (MTD) studies. 

All data is checked independently by an experienced scientist to ensure acceptance criteria and data quality standards are met.

Standard Assay Conditions

  • Experience processing plasma, serum, blood, urine, bile, tissues and tumours, as well as in vitro samples
  • Tissues homogenised using the Precellys® Evolution Homogeniser with Cryolys® Evolution cooling unit to protect heat sensitive samples
  • Separate standard and QC weighed to 0.01 mg
  • Matrix-matched calibration curves
  • Protein precipitation of samples/homogenized tissues
  • Quantitative analysis by LC-MS
Bionanalysis_Assay Information

Figure 1: Left—Precellys® Evolution Homogenizer with Cryolys® Evolution cooling unit. Right—Plasma quenched with solvent.

Bionalysis_Assay information

Figure 2: Example calibration curve.


Excel summary of sample concentrations (ng/mL or ng/g), and LC-MS method.

Compound Requirements

Bioanalysis: 2 x 1 mg (weighed to 0.01 mg) or >6 mg solid.

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In Vitro Assays

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