Medicinal Chemistry

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The success of a small molecule drug discovery program is dependent upon the quality of the medicinal chemistry team and the level of innovation that they bring to every project. Our experienced team has worked on a wide variety of different target classes, covering a range of therapeutic areas, successfully advancing several projects through candidate nomination into preclinical development.

Our medicinal chemistry team is equipped with the latest design and data analysis tools. We also invest heavily in the continuous professional development of our medicinal chemistry team, keeping them at the leading edge of modern innovations in drug discovery and giving them the skills that they need to add value to our clients projects.

Fully Collaborative Medicinal Chemistry Approach

We offer a range of different working models that can be tailored to our clients’ needs, covering all stages of the drug discovery process from hit identification, right through to preclinical development.

Our medicinal chemistry teams work in a highly collaborative manner with our clients.

Scientist-to-scientist communication is central to our approach, providing the project team with a clear understanding of the challenges and opportunities within the project, as well as a platform for sharing ideas and potential solutions based on the collective experience and expertise of the project team.


Integrated Drug Discovery Solutions

Our expert scientific team, which enjoys the benefit of substantial and varied experience from across the industry, focusses on providing intellectual input and enabling the rapid advancement of projects.

We bring together expertise from our various in-house teams, including  bioscience, medicinal chemistry and DMPK for an integrated drug discovery approach.

Our integrated drug discovery services see the highest levels of demand, allowing our clients to access the highest levels of expertise across all disciplines of the drug discovery process – in both a cost-effective and synergistic way.




  • Our medicinal chemistry team works according to the principles of an iterative design-make-test-understand cycle, prosecuting drug discovery projects in a systematic and data-driven manner


  • The success of a data-driven approach is based upon our chemists having access to the latest design and data-processing software, including the Schrodinger Small Molecular Drug Discovery suite (i.e., PyMol and Maestro) and data visualization with Workspaces from Dotmatics. 


  • Optimization requires an understanding of the way in which the specific properties of a chemical series impact upon its developability. Our chemists use calculated properties, such as LLE and LE to monitor the optimization trajectories of different chemical series and rationalize SAR

Our stages

  • Our data-driven approach allows for efficient and iterative development of a clear understanding of SAR within a given chemical series, surfacing opportunities, as well as providing a roadmap for further optimization