Peptide Synthesis Services

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Our flexible, swift approach to peptide synthesis projects is made possible by investment in our solid-phase peptide synthesis (SPPS) capabilities.

Our Custom Peptide Synthesis Services

From start to finish, our peptide chemists will work with you to ensure you get the most out of your peptide project.

Our experienced peptide synthesis chemists use their expertise to design the most efficient route for your peptide, as well as selecting the most appropriate resin for achieving your goals. By taking the responsibility for ordering in all the chemicals required our team can get your project off to a quick and efficient start.

Charnwood Discovery has two options available for conducting solid-phase peptide (SPPS) synthesis on your projects:

  1. Automated SPPS using our multi-channel PurePep® Chorus peptide synthesizer
  2. Manual SPPS using our peptide shakers

Depending on the synthetic sequence and your downstream requirements, we can selectively remove your peptide from the resin in either the protected or deprotected form. 

We can also complete late-stage modifications either “on” or “off” the resin. Following this, our in-house purification team will carry out any necessary purification work, enabling high throughput methodologies.

Peptide synthesis services

Our Capabilities

Our PurePep Chorus is both Fmoc and Boc compatible, complementing our manual SPPS equipment (Kamush LP360AMP) with the following functionality:

  • Four reactor slots all of which can be heated
  • 27 amino acid bottles and six slots for single use amino acids
  • Eight solvent / reagent bottles which enables us to access significant complexity
  • Fully automated synthesis
  • Compatible with a wide range of resins
  • Option to synthesize unnatural peptides
Peptide synthesis services

Purification and Analysis

Peptide synthesis services

Our dedicated team in purification and analytical chemistry actively utilizes their experience to expedite the rapid turnaround of compounds, enabling high throughput projects. This approach frees up the chemists on the project to concentrate on synthesizing new targets without being distracted by complicated purification work.

Our open access UPLC-MS system, equipped with UV, MS and ELS detectors, enables us to tailor our analytical methods for each project. Therefore, allowing the team to optimize the purity profiles of their reactions, and track the different components of their reactions across a range of different molecule types. This results in higher levels of understanding and great confidence in quality.

The co-location of purification, peptide and DMPK teams allows for the unrestricted exchange of project-critical data and information between the teams to make sure no opportunities are missed. 

Peptide Synthesis Services