Partnering With Us

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Working in partnership is a core value of Charnwood Discovery as it is fundamental to the success of drug discovery projects.

Equal Priority for All Clients

Whatever the size and scope, every project will receive the same level of attention, thought and excellence. It’s what sets us apart and forms the basis of a meaningful partnership between us and our clients. 

This is achieved through a responsive and flexible approach to the unique demands of each drug discovery project which is critical to achieving the stated deliverables. At the center of this is open and honest scientist-to-scientist communication at all levels ensuring a rapid response to questions and feedback that keep your project progressing.


Your Critical Friend

We always act with integrity and in the best interests of your project, making and communicating data driven recommendations.

Our investment in electronic lab notebooks and data management systems and policies ensures that data security is taken seriously, and full confidence assured.

The Best Scientific Minds for Your Project

Recruitment from a global talent pool means that we have a diverse of intellectual input to select from when assigning scientists to projects. 

Colleagues work in an environment that supports innovation and excellence by providing time and space to reflect, think and share how best to achieve a client’s goals. Our labs are set up to facilitate high levels of communication between multidisciplinary teams enabling rapid problem solving and the best possible project outcomes.