Target Validation

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Whether it’s profiling a target for the first time or determining the mechanism of action (MOA) for a candidate molecule further into development, our experienced biology team has the track record to deliver.

Initial Steps in Drug Discovery

Target validation is one of the first steps in drug discovery. A series of techniques are used to ascertain the potential drug’s efficacy on the target and the therapeutic benefit provided, taking into account safety aspects of the drug’s administration.

Drugs can fail in a clinical setting because of either lack of efficacy or toxicity, or both. This occurrence can very often be put down to  inadequate pre-clinical target validation.

To increase the chances of success in the development of a safe and efficient drug, target validation leads to an appreciation of the link between target manipulation and efficiency in tackling the disease targeted.

Custom Service

We support clients in turning their initial hypothesis into a viable chemical compound through target validation.

Our computational chemistry team plays a key role in modeling scenarios prior to any experiments taking place.

The customized nature of this approach combined with our experience is both time and cost effective with the focus on validating your target for safe and efficient development.

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