Discovery Chemistry

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We combine the rich experience and expertise of our discovery chemistry team with the latest design and data analysis tools to move complex drug discovery projects forward towards their next key decision point. 

Our chemistry teams are highly collaborative and delivery focused, working with clients to understand their goals and direct the collective intelligence of the team towards these objectives.

Co-location & Collective Intelligence

Our discovery chemistry teams are co-located in a single purpose-built facility, allowing for the rapid dissemination of project-specific learning across our synthetic, medicinal, computational, and analytical teams. 

Cross-functional collaboration and knowledge sharing also extends into our biology and ADME/DMPK teams, allowing us to direct the skills and expertise of our entire scientific team towards the development of creative solutions on your projects.

Continuous Professional Development

Our team of highly experienced chemists operate at the cutting edge of the latest developments in synthetic and medicinal chemistry. As a company, we invest heavily in the continuous professional development of our chemistry teams, working with world-renowned leaders in the fields of synthetic and medicinal chemistry to provide tailored training programs and learning opportunities. 

In this way, we give our chemistry team the tools that they need to develop creative, value-added solutions for our clients’ projects; unlocking new opportunities and moving projects forward towards their next key decision point.    

Client Support Services

All of our Discovery Chemistry projects are project managed by an experienced Group Leader, making sure that the chemistry teams deliver in accordance with our clients requirements, providing clear client advocacy and a direct line of communication. 

All of discovery chemistry projects also include dedicated analytical and purification support from a specialist team of experts, allowing the discovery chemists to focus exclusively on the execution of their synthetic and medicinal chemistry work, supporting higher levels of productivity and quality of delivery.

Discovery Chemistry Solutions