Metabolic Diseases

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Metabolic disease covers a range of conditions which occur simultaneously and significantly increase the risk of diseases such as heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes.

Metabolic Diseases

Metabolic diseases pose a significant threat to the health of the global population and remains a key driver for research. Conditions in this therapeutic area can include high blood sugar, high blood pressure, excess body fat and abnormal cholesterol or triglyceride levels.

Applying Expertise

With long standing expertise in assay development, alongside our experience in medicinal chemistry, bioscience and DMPK, we can offer a fully integrated drug discovery service for clients looking for clinical solutions to a range of metabolic diseases.

Metabolic Assays

Assays available to support metabolic projects include:

  • Endocrine assays
  • Beta cells
  • Adipocytes
  • Myocytes
  • Hepatocytes
  • NASH

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