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Kinases are significant targets in drug discovery as they feature in a variety of diseases, most prominently cancer. Increasingly they are also observed in a number of other diseases including diabetes and hypertension.

Our Track Record

Our team has extensive kinase project experience at all stages of the drug discovery process, particularly in oncology. We have delivered multiple lead candidates that have progressed to the clinic.

Some of our specific specialities are detailed below.

Take a look at examples of work we have carried out in this area:

Kinase Assay Development

Whether you require biochemical or cell based assays our scientists have long standing expertise in developing both of these for drug discovery.

Compounds are evaluated against a panel of kinases in a cellular environment. Our team also enables you to understand the kinetic profile of your compound and how it behaves in a physiological environment.

Available Assays

Using Promega’s NanoBRET™ technology, we have implemented intracellular kinase assays designed to study the interaction of compounds on kinase targets in intact living cells.

View a list of available kinase assays here.

Kinase assays are always under development, so please contact us to discuss your kinase of interest.

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