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Charnwood Discovery is delighted to announce that it has extended its in vitro ADME assays service. A suite of core assays is available both in standard or customizable formats. We can also work with you to develop assays to answer specific project questions.

Customized in vitro ADME Assays

Involving ADME / DMPK early in the drug discovery process ensures that the best molecules are progressed. Our expert team provide standard and customized in vitro ADME assays to effectively address your specific project needs.

Charnwood Discovery is delighted to offer a suite of core assays that complement our existing bioanlaysis and metabolite identification (Met ID) services. In addition to those assays listed below, we can work with you to provide any assay that you require. 

Making the Difference for your Project

in vitro adme assays_Laie Abello

A key benefit of working with Charnwood Discovery’s ADME / DMPK team is the individual and consultative approach we take to working with every client. 

Laie Abello, Director, ADME / DMPK commented:

“The team enjoy the unique challenges presented by each drug discovery project and use their experience and expertise to add value at every relevant stage. 

We can review clients’ data package – whether generated internally or externally –  propose any necessary additional experiments, and assist in troubleshooting data issues.”

Find out more about our range of in vitro ADME assays and how we can help advance your project. 

ADME / DMPK Services

A key benefit of employing ADME / DMPK services early in a project, such as during hit to lead, is that the best molecule is optimized rather than progressing based on potency alone. Clients subsequently benefit from a reduced time for lead optimization due to the starting molecule having more ‘drug-like’ characteristics.

As a result of this work researchers are armed with key information during the design-make-test-understand cycle and beyond.

Find out more about our ADME / DMPK services here.

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