Guest Speaker Program – Dr Ian Churcher

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Charnwood Discovery’s Guest Speaker Program allows our scientists to gain valuable insights from the world of drug discovery. 

About the Course

We are delighted to welcome Dr Ian Churcher to Charnwood Discovery throughout the month of May to deliver training on:

Targeted Protein Degradation and Induced Proximity

The course will run across four sessions and cover a broad range of topics within TDP, ranging from the fundamentals to the optimization of PROTACS and considerations that need to be taken when working with them. 

Many thanks, Ian, we look forward to seeing you in May!  

About the Speaker

Ian Churcher

Ian Churcher

Ian is founder and CEO of Janus Drug Discovery Consulting Ltd, and provides scientific input to biotech, investors and academics on all aspects of targeted protein degradation (TPD) and induced-proximity drug discovery. Ian was one of the pioneers of the recent explosion of the induced-proximity and PROTAC field through his 2012 collaboration with Prof Craig Crews and Alessio Ciulli when leading the GSK PROTAC group (2012-2017), including the publication of the landmark 2015 Nature Chemical Biology paper and advancing a portfolio of PROTACs towards the clinic. More recently between 2020-2023, as CSO, Ian oversaw the rapid growth of TPD biotech Amphista Therapeutics' novel TPD platform.

Ian also has extensive experience of medicinal chemistry and chemical biology leadership from roles at Merck and GSK across many therapy areas including neuroscience, oncology, inflammation and others. Additionally, Ian led the R&D team at BenevolentAI where he applied novel artificial intelligence methods to a portfolio of projects to approach target identification and chemical optimization in new ways.

You can find out more about Ian Churcher’s consulting company here:

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