Medicinal Chemistry: HIT Finding

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Charnwood Discovery worked with a UK Biotech Company in this Medicinal Chemistry Hit-Finding case study. Read below to learn more:

Medicinal Chemistry Hit Finding

• UK Biotech company (Immuno-oncology target)
• Supported with 2 FTEs for 6 months
• Computational chemistry through trusted partner
• Construction of homology model of target
• Virtual screening of commercial vendor library
• Novel hit series established (commercial acquisition)
• SAR expanded through wet chemistry
• >40 highly potent compounds with clear SAR

Exploration of new chemical space and the design of new chemical entities provide the intellectual challenge that we at Charnwood Discovery thrive upon. 

Our medicinal chemistry team, which includes members who have previously worked in the biotech, pharma and CRO sectors, bring experience from literally hundreds of projects and many classes of compound and disease states.