Medicinal Chemistry Lead Optimisation (LO) 1

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Charnwood Discovery worked closely with a US Biotech company, providing route optimization for a lead candidate. Learn more here:

  • US Biotech company (Oncology target)
  • Supported by up to 6 FTEs for 18 months
  • Elaboration of existing hits to elucidate SAR
  • Rational design to deliver drug-like compounds
  • Compounds screened by client (biochemical assays)
  • >80 compounds prepared over numerous series
  • Highly potent compounds with good ADME properties, clear SAR and in vivo efficacy
  • Route scouting and route optimization for a lead candidate and technical transfer to a North American GMP manufacturer

Our goal is to enable the supply of novel preclinical candidates. Never underestimate the challenges of moving from discovery, through optimisation into the development of a scalable route for large-scale synthesis. 

With Charnwood Discovery you can be confident that our in-house discovery and development teams share the culture and ethos of our company: excellence in everything we do, nurtured by close collaboration and communication.