Medicinal Chemistry and Preclinical PR&D from Discovery Lead to Development Candidate 1

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From initial Discovery leads, our research team will progress client projects expediently through the hit-to-lead (H2L) and lead optimization (LO) stages

  • Medicinal chemistry and preclinical PR&D From discovery lead to development candidate

  • European biotech company

  • Supported by 2 FTEs for 18 months

  • Discovery chemistry team generated analogues of initial hit

  • Multi-centred LO led to identification of development candidates

  • Preclinical R&D group scouted routes and delivered multi-gram quantities of development compound

  • Technology transfer package provided to facilitate cGMP manufacture of multi-kilogram quantities of development compound

At Charnwood Discovery we offer a seamless in-house transfer of knowledge from our discovery chemistry teams into our development team – communication and collaboration is key. 

We encourage our clients to focus on the long game – if the compound is active and looks to be ticking all the boxes at an early stage, how are we going to make it at kilo scale, and ultimately to GMP?

 Answering these questions as early as possible saves time and money as we move towards the plant.

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