Medicinal Chemistry: Hit-to-Lead (H2L)

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Charnwood Discovery worked with a UK Biotech Company, supporting with 4 FTEs, over a 12-month period. Read below to learn more:

  • UK biotech company (Immuno-oncology target)
  • Supported with 4 FTEs for 12 months
  • Synthetic and medicinal chemistry expertise provided
  • Biology provided by Xenogesis (cell and DMPK assays)
  • Elaboration of existing hits to elucidate SAR
  • Rational design to deliver druglike compounds
  • >300 compounds prepared over three series
  • Highly potent compounds with good ADME properties and clear SAR

The importance of regular, open and transparent communication between chemistry and biology, and our colleagues in DMPK, cannot be understated in a discovery program. 

Here at Charnwood Discovery we see these elements as equal partners in the search for novelty, potency and safety.

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