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This year Charnwood Discovery is happy to announce we are exhibiting at Swiss Biotech Day 2024.  

About Swiss Biotech Day 2024

The Swiss Biotech Day serves as a premier biotechnology conference in Europe, drawing professionals from the global life sciences community. In 2023, it welcomed over 1,800 participants spanning 44 nations. In 2024, the event will once again furnish a platform for networking, engaging discussions, and exploring advancements in R&D, manufacturing, data management, artificial intelligence, and innovative financing.

International biotech delegations utilize the “Global Village” to bolster their ties with Switzerland’s status as a biotech hub and promote cross-border investments, public-private partnerships, research and development collaborations and talent exchange.

Meet Us at Booth #13

Swiss Biotech days 2024

Regular attendee of Swiss Biotech Day, Linos Lazarides (Senior Business Development Manager) is joined this year by Francesca Sadler (Chief Commercial Officer). 

If you are heading to Basel this year please visit our stand, to find out how Charnwood Discovery can enhance your experience and success of complex drug discovery. 

If you would like to organize a meeting with the team please click the link below. Alternatively, you can connect directly with Linos or Francesca on LinkedIn. 

Register for Swiss Biotech Day 2024

Learn more about the event, program and how you can attend the event here:

Establishing a strong foundation is key to constructing robust, reproducible assays that reliably perform throughout the drug discovery process. Our bioscience team possesses expertise in:

Assay design is a major factor underpinning the success of any drug discovery program. A well-designed assay should be one in which every step in the protocol has been evaluated.

One analogy is that assays are like aeroplanes. If you need to travel 500, 5,000 or 50,000 miles, you want to fly in a well-designed aeroplane and get the same outcome every flight i.e. that you arrive safely!

Whether built from literature or already existing, our focus is always on ensuring the assay is fit for purpose.

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