Integrating process and discovery chemistry to design out problems at an earlier stage

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Reducing time-to-market is the holy grail of drug development, benefitting pharmaceutical companies and patients.

Over time, companies have created highly specialised teams, each working towards a specific goal before handing their result onto the next phase of the process. However, this has led to a tendency to work in silos. If each silo had a better understanding of the next stage requirements, it could enable potential issues to be addressed earlier and speed up the overall process.

Examining the drug discovery process suggests there is an opportunity to reduce time-to-market at the intersection between the discovery and development phases. Both are primarily handled by synthetic chemists, but working at different scales and under difference pressures.

In our experience, increasing the overlap between these teams offers significant benefits.

This paper discusses the benefits of using development chemists’ techniques during the discovery phase.

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Download your copy

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