Synthetic Chemistry Aspects of Drug Discovery and Early Development Projects Webinar

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This webinar provides an overview of the specific skills that are required of chemists to successfully navigate the earlier and latter stages of the drug discovery process, and how the two disciplines have apparent differences.

About the Presenter

Dr James Hitchin

Dr James Hitchin

Vice President of Chemistry

James graduated from the University of Sheffield with a degree in Chemistry, and holds a PhD from the University of Liverpool. He brings extensive experience from across multiple therapeutic areas in drug discovery, having previously held positions at SAFC Pharma, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, KemFine Oy and CRUK.

Prior to joining Charnwood, James was Senior Medicinal Chemist at the Cancer Research UK Manchester Institute, where he worked on various target classes, including kinases and epigenetic targets. James has led numerous projects from hit identification right through to lead optimization and beyond, and has an in-depth knowledge of modern drug discovery, as exemplified by his impressive publication record

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