ANTABIO Partnered with Charnwood Discovery to Develop ANT3273 which has now Completed non-GLP Development

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ANTABIO is a private biopharmaceutical company developing novel and highly differentiated antibacterial treatments for critical priority pathogens with a particular focus on life-threatening respiratory infections.

Charnwood Discovery enjoyed a long-standing collaboration with ANTABIO in which they applied their extensive chemical development expertise to transform the synthesis of ANT3273 from an expedient medicinal chemistry route through to a robust, efficient method fit for large-scale manufacture.

Head of Operations, Dr Michael McKenzie, who led the development team, commented:

“It was a real pleasure to partner with the ANTABIO team. The Charnwood Discovery group derived great satisfaction in developing the chemical synthesis of ANT3273 into one that has the future potential to meet the material and quality demands of the clinical studies, and beyond.”

ANT3273 is the lynchpin asset of ANTABIO’s Pseudomonas elastase inhibitor (PEi) program. It is being developed into an inhaled drug targeting a key virulence factor of Pseudomonas aeruginosa involved in pathogenesis and persistence. The drug will be administered via nebuliser as an alternative or adjunct to existing antibiotic therapy for the treatment of P. aeruginosa infections in chronic respiratory disease, such as bronchiectasis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and cystic fibrosis.

Dr James Morey, Director of Process Research and Development, added:

“The discovery and development of new chemical entities that go towards addressing the growing burden of human disease is an immense challenge. Finding and clinically progressing novel antibacterials is at the sharp end of this challenge, and so we were particularly honoured to have been able to work with an organisation who have dedicated themselves to fighting one of the most serious health crises of our time.”

ANTABIO has developed a portfolio of first- or best-in-class antibacterial programs to address high unmet medical, targeting WHO and CDC critical priority pathogens, such as Carbapenem-Resistant Acinetobacter baumannii (CRAB), Carbapenem-Resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa (CRPA) and Carbapenem-Resistant Enterobacterales (CRE).

Further information on the ANTABIO pipeline can be found here.

Marc Lemonnier, ANTABIO CEO: 

“We are extremely satisfied with our collaboration with Charnwood Discovery. The timely and successful development of the chemistry for the synthesis of ANT3273 has facilitated the preclinical studies for this potential drug. The expertise and flexibility of Charnwood Discovery have made them one of our key partners for chemistry.”

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