6th RSC-BMCS / DMDG New Perspectives in DMPK

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We are excited to announce the sponsership of the 6th RSC-BMCS / DMDG New Perspectives in DMPK.

About the 6th RSC-BMCS / DMDG New Perspectives in DMPK

This pivotal meeting will explore new small-molecule therapies. Molecular glues, PROTACs, bicyclic peptides, and other innovative chemistries are reshaping drug discovery. These advances bring challenges like synthetic difficulty and complex ADME characterization, especially for oral drugs.

Top DMPK researchers will gather to tackle these issues together. Keynote speakers will share insights on how DMPK can speed up medicine delivery. Expect a blend of oral and poster presentations, plus ample networking opportunities. Don’t miss this chance to connect with leading minds and advance your research.

Join Us on 17 June 2024

New perspectives in DMPK

Please come by our booth, to have a chat with Francesca Sadler or Christopher Peel about our DMPK services.   

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Learn more about the event, program and how you can attend the event here:


A key benefit of employing ADME / DMPK services early in a project, such as during hit to lead, is that the best molecule is optimized rather than progressing based on potency alone. Clients subsequently benefit from a reduced time for lead optimization due to the starting molecule having more ‘drug-like’ characteristics.

As a result of this work researchers are armed with key information during the design-make-test-understand cycle and beyond.

Charnwood Discovery offers the following ADME / DMPK services:

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