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“I was able to reduce 3 months of work into 3 weeks! It was an easy set up and made the screening process simpler. Being able to tell the reaction when you wanted it to cool down was a real time saver.”

Colleagues in the process research and development labs, here at Charnwood Discovery, have been trialling Cole-Parmer®’s (an Antylia Scientific company) Integrity 10 reaction station, coupled with the Julabo 1703 series chiller supplied by Asynt.

Research Chemist, Rahul Sudhir used the opportunity to investigate the regioselectivity of an SNAr reaction. Being able to use the Integrity 10 meant that Rahul could screen a number of different reaction conditions from different solvents to different temperatures easily. Due to the Integrity 10’s ability to have different temperature conditions (-30- 150 ∘C) in the different cells, Rahul was able to screen a range of temperatures without the health and safety risk of setting up multiple hotplates and cluttering his fume hood.

The SNAr screening was conducted on a reasonably high throughput manner, this allowed our analytical team to showcase their development of specialised methods allowing Rahul to quickly and easily analyse which reactions worked, slipstreaming the entire project.

The Integrity 10’s digital screen made it really user friendly and Rahul found it easy to pick-up. The software allows you to have that extra bit of control, choosing the rate of heating and cooling, meaning if you are tight for time you can cool your reactions down to room temperature using this function (this was probably one of Rahul’s favourite functions).

The Integrity 10 has its uses in discovery chemistry too, where you can put on 10 different Suzuki reactions to modify your core, or just a general reaction screen to get to that difficult target. I think it is safe to say that it was a hit among the Charnwood Discovery chemists.

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All that is left to say is thank you to everyone at Cole-Parmer® and Asynt for loaning us this technology.

Charnwood Discovery Group Leader, Andrew Jordan commented:

“It’s important for us to continuously assess the available technologies to support our drug discovery and development work and we appreciate partners supporting us in this.”