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Flexible and reliable synthetic chemistry services you can trust.

For over 25 years our UK based synthetic chemists have been safely and securely delivering molecules for Biotech clients.  We use this experience to work with you and understand the unique needs of your project so the best solutions can be offered. 

As a result we quickly move your project to the next decision point whilst maintaining quality and accuracy. Read on to find out how Charnwood Discovery can support your synthetic chemistry project. 

Scalable Chemistry Teams

Our flexible approach to FTE chemists means you can build your team your way! Simply scale the number of chemists up or down depending on your project requirements. 

Plus, you can take advantage of our expertise in the synthesis of cyclic peptides and targeted protein degraders.

Prioritizing Data Safety

Data security is of utmost importance to protect your intellectual property and we have invested in systems such as ELN and lab protocols to safeguard this. 

Networked software, secure cloud based storage and a commitment to cyber security all provide essential peace of mind.

Efficiency & Flexibility that Drive Productivity 

Every chemist has access to their own fumehood, write-up area and computer enabling them to update their lab note books in real time. 

This provides an accurate reflection of overall lab progress, whilst access to reaction history across the team means that the unnecessary duplication of work is avoided.

UK Based Laboratories – All Under One Roof 

All of our laboratories are based in the UK providing you with a consistent level of synthetic chemistry research to advance your drug discovery. 

If you’d like more information on our synthetic chemistry services fill out the online form or email us on


“We asked Charnwood to support us with bioassay development and compound profiling in a project with tight timelines. I was very pleased about Charnwood’s speed of execution, open communication, and the data package received.”

Mark Brönstrup, Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research

“I obtained consistent, information rich communication within the project, excellent data sharing, coupled with achieving the deliverables and milestones in a timely manner. The interaction was excellent, and my expectations were achieved, a real success and excellent value proposition.

It was fun and exciting working together as they were embedded within the project. I would highly recommend them to anyone searching to outsource challenging bioscience projects. A truly “Science-lead, employee centric, research provider”.”

 Richard Rutter, CSO, NRG Therapeutics

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