Smashing Stereotypes – “With the right support it’s been great”

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Dr Freya Taday highlights the appeal of science and how it’s led her to different roles, both of which use her scientific knowledge.

"Science just seemed to click"

Being dyslexic I always struggled with English and humanities at school. However, there was something about maths and science that just seemed to click. I think it helped that the teachers seemed to care more about your understanding than whether you could spell, and of course, with maths there was no writing, it was all numbers.

From primary to secondary school, I always enjoyed being in the science classroom and went on to do the three sciences and maths to AS -level before dropping physics at A-level. I have followed a very traditional way into science by going to university to study chemistry followed by completing my PhD.

I have always found that scientific writing is a little easier as you have a certain set of rules you need to follow. The only thing for me is spelling, I have never been able to spell ‘alcohol’ first time (or without spell check) for example. 

Moving Out of the Lab...

While I enjoyed being in the lab, I couldn’t see the progression pathway for me. The main progression in the lab involved staying in the lab with slightly more responsibility and managing people, which I felt wasn’t for me. So, when the opportunity came up to move into a marketing position at the company, I thought it was an exciting move to make. 

The actual move into a role where a lot of what you are writing is outward facing was very daunting. I have learnt over the last year that, like scientific writing, you also have a set of rules to follow for writing marketing material. Moving into Marketing was something that I thought I would really struggle with due to the amount of outward facing text to write, but with the right support it has been great. It has actually helped me a gain confidence in my writing that I never thought I would have!

Coming from a scientific perspective within the marketing of a drug discovery company I think helps. As a scientist I know what annoys me when I see things on other websites. Even though I have a background in chemistry and not a deep understanding of the other services we offer I like to think that I can pick up the top level information quickly enough to be able to talk about it. 

I have really enjoyed learning about the different aspects of marketing and the strategy behind it. I know there is a lot more to learn and I’m looking forward to progressing within the field. 

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