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Plasma Stability Information Leaflet

The stability of compounds in plasma is an important factor to consider when prioritizing compounds for in vivo studies1. Plasma stability can also help with understanding potential issues with in vitro studies such as plasma protein binding.

Compounds are incubated in plasma at 37 °C. Aliquots of the incubation mixture are removed over the course of the assay and the proteins precipitated to prevent further enzymatic activity. The samples are then analysed by LC-MS system, and the half-life calculated.

Standard Assay Conditions

  • 1 µM compound concentration
  • 7 time points over 120 minutes
  • 1% DMSO final in the incubation
  • Analysis by LC-MS
  • Marker compounds included
  • Various species/strains available


Half-life (minutes) 

Compound Requirements

100 µL of a 10 mM stock or 1 mg of solid (accurately weighed to 2 decimal places)

Plasma Stability_Assay Information_graphs

Plasma stability in Mouse and Human for 6 compounds, N=3 experiments each with N=3 replicates. Error bars denote standard deviation.

*Half-life <3.5 minutes

**Half-life >360 minutes


  1. Di, L., et al (2005), Development and application of high throughput plasma. Int. J. Pharm. 297, 110-119.

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