Laie Abello

Laie Abelló

Director of ADME / DMPK

Laie joined Charnwood Discovery in May 2022 as Head of DMPK and brings extensive experience in setting up and leading DMPK teams.


After graduating with a degree in Biology from Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona Laie went on to gain a Master’s degree in Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Industry. Laie started her career at Almirall in Barcelona in 2010 as a Junior Scientist in DMPK. She moved to Almac Discovery in Belfast in 2012 where she was involved in setting up their new DMPK department, before moving to Xenogesis at BioCity, Nottingham in 2015, which was then acquired by Sygnature Discovery in September of 2020.


As a Team Leader and Senior Scientist at both Xenogesis and Sygnature Discovery, Laie has extensive experience of setting up DMPK services and of working across integrated projects with a wide range of international clients.