Synthetic Chemistry Services

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Synthetic chemistry sits at the heart of drug discovery and development, providing drug discovery scientists with the tools that they need to understand and address the role of a specific target in the pathogenesis of a particular disease. Benefit from our successful synthetic chemistry services and expertise.

Our talented synthetic chemists have been delivering challenging molecules for our clients for 25 years.

Scalable Chemistry Teams from 6 to 20+

Our expert synthetic chemists respond rapidly to clients’ needs, evaluating and delivering creative and innovative solutions for route development.  By recruiting from a global talent pool we are able to bring together the best minds in synthetic chemistry. We also invest in our people’s on going development, keeping them at the cutting edge of the latest developments.

We are able to offer scalable chemistry teams from 6 to 20+ chemists at a time, giving you the flexibility to build your project your way.

Find out more below about our capabilities and technologies, plus how we safeguard your data.

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Synthetic Chemistry Services

The Team

The Charnwood Discovery synthetic chemistry team is made up of highly experienced chemists with >70% qualified to PhD level.

Market leading staff retention (90%) means your project will be in the same safe pair of hands from start to finish. This means all the project-critical knowledge and learnings that the team discovers along the way will not be lost over the course of your project. This increases the ease and efficiency with which the team can overcome future problems, as well as enhancing their productivity, sense of togetherness and overall performance.

Publications in the peer-reviewed and patent literature highlight the experience and project-proven credibility of the expert scientists working on our drug discovery teams. Drug discovery is a complex process, the success of which is driven by the experience and expertise of the project team and the extent to which their creative talents and intellectual capital can be unlocked and engaged to move projects forward towards a specific outcome

Data Safety

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Significant investment in our open-access analytical chemistry capabilities, enables synthetic chemists to rapidly access information they need to progress their work in a data-driven manner, ensuring your project moves forward in the most effective manner.

By integrating data produced in the lab with our Dotmatics ELN system, we ensure your data is stored safely and securely. Our chemistry labs are set up with computers at every station allowing our scientists to update their lab notebook in real time, giving an accurate reflection of the overall lab progress.

Our lab notebook format is patent ready, significantly reducing write up time when it comes to protecting your IP.

Chemistry Labs

Our labs are set up in pods of six chemists allowing for high levels of communication between teams if required, Each chemist in a pod has access to their own fumehood, four rotary evaporator and two purification systems.

Chemists also have access to a suite of Waters Acquity I-Class UPLC-MS systems, JEOL 400 ECZ spectrometer and our in-house purification team, enabling our chemists to make the right decisions and deliver molecules faster.

chemistry labs

Capabilities and Technology

Synthetic Chemistry, Flow reactor

Charnwood Discovery continues to invest in a wide range of reaction technologies and equipment that give our synthetic chemists the tools they need to achieve their desired targets.

This includes internal projects to showcase what these technologies are able to achieve, including electro- , flow- , photo-, and high-pressure chemistry plus an OEB4 facility.

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