Gene Expression Analysis

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Using qPCR (quantitative polymerase chain reaction) we can investigate gene expression to better understand the downstream impacts of therapeutics. 

Gene expression analysis is well suited for studying therapeutics targeting transcription factors and signalling pathways or investigating changes in biomarker expression. 

DNA and RNA can be extracted from a variety of sources, from in vitro monoculture to ex vivo xenograft samples, then probed to measure relative or absolute transcription levels of target genes.

Efficient and Sensitive Analysis

Gene expression analysis is conducted using our QuantStudio™ 6 instrument which is capable of performing qPCR in 384-well format to increase throughput and features 5 coupled excitation and emission filter channels for use with a range of dyes. 

This system is compatible with TaqMan® assays, with more than 2.8 million predesigned probes, and the ability to order custom probes, analysis of essentially any transcript is possible. 

Expression levels of single or multiple (in parallel or multiplexed) gene targets can be investigated, and screening throughput increased by the use of one-step kits, which can produce gene expression data from cells in hours. qPCR is an incredibly sensitive technique and can therefore detect very small changes in transcript levels. 

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Gene Expression

Figure 1) Fold change in target gene expression relative to vehicle control and normalized to housekeeper transcript levels. qPCR performed using TaqMan® probes and a 1-Step Cell-to-Ct kit.