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Bio International 2024 is the largest biotechnology event, attracting thousands of professionals from around the world. This event is a great networking opportunity with industry experts and potential partners. This year Charnwood Discovery was represented on the UK pavilion by Francesca Sadler and the team.  

In this blog post Francesca talks about her experience and key learnings from the event.

The Best and Busiest Bio International 2024 so Far

Having recovered from my jet lag and the over 30 km walked through the conference hall, I’ve been reflecting on my time last week at BIO International 2024 in San Diego. This was my third visit to the conference and it was without doubt the busiest I have been to. I was privileged to have multiple exciting discussions learning about innovative companies working in all areas of drug discovery. There was a real focus on companies working with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. A hot topic continues to be Targeted Protein Degradation, with compounds progressing through the clinic, and advancement of alternative small molecule modalities such as ADCs and cyclic peptides. 

A Changing Biotechnology Climate

There was significant discussion around the Biosecure Act and how companies are already looking at how best to mitigate any legislation that comes into force. With limited capacity outside of China, companies are looking to secure their future outsourcing partners now. 

Discussions with UK Biotechs highlighted that the changes to the UK RDEC may also see a change to outsourcing strategies as companies look to maximize their claims by working with UK based CROs. 

Thank You to Everyone

It was a truly excellent meeting, with many interesting discussions and an opportunity to catch-up with old friends and colleagues. 

Thank you to all who met with James Hitchin, FRSC, Edwin Haghnazari, PhD, MBA and me in San Diego. Special thanks to Department for Business and Trade for giving Charnwood Discovery the opportunity to exhibit on the UK Pavilion. 

See you in Boston for BIO2025!

About the Author

Dr Francesca Sadler

Dr Francesca Sadler

Chief Commercial Officer

Francesca has a scientific background in Applied Biological Sciences and a PhD in Microbiology and Molecular Biology from Manchester Metropolitan University. More recently she gained a Master of Business Administration (MBA) achieving a distinction.

Francesca applies her considerable scientific and commercial experience, gained over 20 years, to the strategic growth and development of discovery and development CROs. This is achieved through a focus on creating the right teams, processes and infrastructure that best serve clients’ needs.